Whether you’re moving into a new dorm, apartment, or home that you’ve been trying to lock down for the past year, moving isn’t always as simple and stress-free as we plan it to be. One element that may set you back significantly is the weather. How many times have you gone outside trying to finish some yard work or do something else only to find that a rain cloud is looming overhead? Your initial reaction may be to call off your moving company and wait for a better time. However, it is possible to pack your things in the rain without damaging them and without getting a cold in the process. Keep reading to learn more.

Wear raincoats

The first rule of thumb when moving in the rain is to make sure everyone who is going to be outside is wearing a raincoat. You’d be surprised how easy it is to catch a cold if you’re outside in the rain without a coat. And besides, you don’t want to smell like a wet dog, do you? If it’s not raining too hard, a normal, cheap raincoat should work just fine. However, if it’s raining cats and dogs, you may need to go with a poncho. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Speed up the process

One way to make a move in the rain easier is to simply speed up the process by being more efficient. If you have multiple people helping you, assign everyone a role so they know exactly what they’re doing. For example, you could have one person taking things from inside the house and setting them at the doorstep while another takes them to the truck. You don’t want people constantly going in and out of the house because it will track in water and mud. This will also make the process faster because people won’t have to keep stopping to wipe their shoes or clean up after themselves.

Move water-resistant items first

Chances are, most of your personal belongings aren’t “waterproof” in the way that we typically think of it. However, there may be things that are more resistant to water damage than others. You’re going to want to move these items first because the rain could die out at any moment and you’ll need that opportunity to move less water resistant items. You also probably have a limited amount of towels or tarps that you can use to cover your belongings, so make sure you use them on your most valuable things. You also want to make sure you aren’t putting things that are wet on top of things that are dry in the moving truck.

Don’t forget your floors!

If you’re moving out, it would be a shame to mess up the floors that you worked so hard to clean. If there’s a new tenant moving in, you may be required to pay for repairs or cleaning. Even though you shouldn’t be going in and out of the house while you’re moving, you should still plan on covering your floors so they don’t get wet. Just make sure that the material you put down won’t cause anyone to slip and hurt themselves.

Make use of garbage bags

Garbage bags are a cheap and effective way to protect your personal belongings while moving in the rain. Put as much as you can in these bags before you move them to the truck. You can cut the sides of your leftover bags and lay them over larger items, or lay them on your floor to protect it.

Have a towel on hand

It’s also helpful to have a towel on hand near the moving truck. This way, as you move things onto the truck you can wipe them off. Even if each thing you move onto the truck isn’t that wet, it can definitely add up once everything is on the truck. Even a small amount of water can damage anything that’s wooden, so it’s important to thoroughly wipe these things before they get on the truck.

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