Moving to another part of the state or across the country can be difficult. It takes a lot of time, money, and can often be difficult to schedule if your move out day and move in day don’t match up perfectly. This could be an issue for apartment renters and home buyers alike because you’ll still need to coordinate with the current tenant, landlord, or homeowner to ensure you don’t arrive at the new place while they’re still living there. If you’re buying a home, you’ll also have to work out all the paperwork and closing costs. Needless to say, this process can get a little overwhelming at times so it’s important to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. In this blog, we’re going to talk a little bit about the benefits of working with a company that offers storage solutions or renting your own self-storage unit to help out during a move.


One of the best reasons to hire a moving company who also offers storage solutions is convenience. Imagine being in a situation where you need to move in over the course of two days or you need to wait a few days before you can move into your new home or apartment after you’ve already moved out of your old one. Your moving company will be able to take all your things directly to the storage facility and directly to your new residency after the allotted time.

Easier scheduling

Depending on your situation, scheduling a move is often the most difficult part of the moving process. You need to know what you’re going to move, when you’re going to move it, and how everyone’s’ schedules will line up. If you call an unreliable moving company, they may show up late and mess up your schedule. You’ll also need to account for mistakes or unavoidable changes of plan in your scheduling.

If you call a moving company that offers storage solutions, scheduling your move will be easier because you won’t have to call a storage company and coordinate those plans with your moving company. Not only can this get confusing, but it will be significantly more costly for you.


And that brings me to my next point: the cost. Who isn’t looking for a way to cut down on their moving costs? Since you’ve probably spent years saving up for your new home, why should you have to add to those costs? Right after you buy a home is the perfect time to start saving again because you never know what major investment you’ll make down the line. Many moving companies offer discounted or free storage for people who are moving with them. This is a great way to save money instead of going out of your way to find a storage facility that will most likely cost you hundreds per month.

Reduced workload

There’s no doubt about it, organizing a move takes a lot of work, so it’s only natural to take every opportunity you can to reduce the work involved. When you call a moving company that offers storage solutions, you’ll be able to schedule your storage dates directly with them. However, if they don’t, you’ll need to research storage units in your area that fits your budget, then take time out of your day to call them and have something arranged. They also might not allow moving trucks in their facility which is another thing to work around. This will leave you with more time to worry about other things like unpacking and organizing your new home.

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