Moving is a big endeavor for any family. There’s a lot to consider in terms of where you’re moving, how you’re getting there, and which moving service you’re using. But for those who are eco-conscious, finding ways to make your move eco-friendly adds another dimension of complexity to an already complicated process. If you want to make your next move eco-friendly, follow these handy hints from Movon Move & Store in Secaucus to make your move green!

Make A Donation Box

When we move, we also use it as an opportunity to downsize. You don’t really need three fake Christmas trees, and you’ll probably never wear those old jackets that have been sitting in the back of your closet for months. Rather than just pitching these items, donate them to your local charity. Groups like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army can put these items to good use and help your community. Often, these groups have drop-off locations throughout the community, so you can drop off a box of books or clothes on your way into work. For larger donations, like couches, desks, and even cars, you can arrange for them to come and pick them up from your home for free! It frees up space in your new home and helps others in your community make use of your old things.


Recycle Responsibly

It’s easy to get into a cleaning frenzy and just start throwing away anything you no longer want, or items that are broken. While it’s fine to throw away broken plates, think twice before you throw away batteries, electronics, appliances, and paints. Each of these objects has their own special disposal methods:

  • Batteries: Batteries contain toxic chemicals and components like lead, sulfuric acid, and cadmium, which can spread and taint waterways if not properly disposed of. Often, local libraries, post offices, and battery specialty stores have places where you can responsibly recycle your old batteries of any size.
  • Electronics: Don’t dump that old CRT TV into the trash bin. Do a quick search online to find an electronics recycling center, or donate them to a local charity. They’ll make sure that your old electronics like TVs, PCs, radios, and speakers are either upcycled or recycled.
  • Appliances: Microwave on the fritz? Simply throwing it away could mean that the harmful traces of lead and chemicals inside it could find their way into the environment. Often, big-box appliance or electronic stores, like Best Buy or Sears, will take these items and recycle them for you, even if you didn’t buy them there in the first place!
  • Paint: Stop by your local paint store to recycle your old cans of dried up paint, stain, and varnish. Similarly, many dumps have a special area onsite that is meant for the disposal of these products. Make sure to ask an attendant before you pitch your paint.

Go Green For Your Next Move

We admire your commitment to green living, it’s a trait that we at Movon Move & Store share. We offer green packing kits to ensure that you use eco-friendly packing supplies for your next move. All of these materials are reusable, so you can use them the next time you move or repurpose them for storage solutions in your new home in Secaucus. Call today to schedule your moving services with Movone!