If you’re getting ready for a move, chances are, the idea of reducing your carbon footprint during the process has crossed your mind. Whether you’re doing an interstate international, or a more local move, it’s going to take a lot of resources to get you from point A to point B. However, it doesn’t have to take a huge toll on the environment. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several ways that you can have an eco-friendly move.

Organize as you go

Let’s face it, many of us don’t take as much time as we should to go through our things on a regular basis and find things that we can recycle or get rid of. If you’re planning a move, there’s no better time to start sifting through your stuff to find things you won’t need at your new place. Think about it, why would you waste time and money bringing things onto a truck and transporting it if it won’t be used later on? If you have used electronics that you don’t want, make sure you get them together and take them to a special electronics recycling facility. Or, if these devices still function, take them into an electronics store so that they will end up in the hands of someone who wants them. Who knows, you may make enough money off them to fund your move! If you have any other belongings to get rid of, make sure they are disposed of properly.

Don’t throw away boxes

Whether you’re using cardboard boxes or plastic bins for your move, make sure to keep them in good condition so you can use them again. Additionally, try to avoid buying new packing materials from the store. Instead, ask a neighbor or friend if they have any spare packaging that you can use. You should also keep in mind trying to use as few boxes as possible and instead take the time to organize everything to fit in fewer boxes.

Use green packing materials

With any move, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to use some type of packing material like packing peanuts, tape, and padding to protect fragile items. However, there are corn-based, biodegradable alternatives to packing peanuts and tape products made of biodegradable plant materials. Make sure to search these out before you start packing or contact someone you know who has them. If you did happen to use non-biodegradable packing materials, make sure you recycle what you can, reuse it, or give it to a friend.

Contact an eco-friendly mover

There’s no better way to reduce your carbon footprint than by hiring a moving company that is committed to eco-friendly values. At Movone Move & Store, we use reusable plastic bins that will be delivered to your house one week prior to your move. After your move, we will provide you with one to four weeks (depending on the size of your move) in order to unpack everything into your new home. Visit us online to learn more about our green packing options.