This is our final installment in the Clean Up Before You Move Out blog series. In part one, we covered how to do a deep clean of each room, and creating a cleaning list. In part two, we discussed how to clean all of the major appliances in your home, leaving them looking factory fresh.

In part three, the moving services specialists at Movone in Jersey city will cover cleaning the windows and mirrors in your home. These glass surfaces are sometimes difficult to clean nicely, as streaks can be left behind, which is a distraction for anyone.

Gather Your Supplies

When you’re gathering your window and mirror cleaning supplies, you’ll need these items:

  • White vinegar
  • Distilled water
  • Spray bottle or large bowl
  • Microfiber cloth or newspaper
  • Cotton swabs or an old toothbrush

There is a myriad of specialized window cleaning products available today. While some work better than others, nearly all of them are more expensive than they are effective. A solution of white vinegar and distilled water is just as effective, and much more friendly to your body and the environment. A solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water works perfectly for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Similarly, a microfiber cloth is a great way to reduce the number of streaks on your windows and does an excellent job of sweeping up any lint on the window, but a folded piece of newspaper works equally effectively! It’s cheaper, too, as you can often find newsprint free at corner stores. You might even have some left over after packing up your home! The cotton swabs or toothbrush is for getting into the hard to reach window tracks and wells to clear out all of the grime that has built up there over time.

The Cleaning Strategy

Cleaning windows and mirrors is more than just mindlessly wiping down a surface. There is a multistep process that you can follow to ensure that your windows and mirrors look their best.

Start by spraying your cleaning solution onto your cloth or newspaper. If you don’t have a spray bottle, simply dip the cleaning implement into the bowl of cleaning solution, and squeeze out the extra fluid. Start by rubbing the glass surface in a circular manner to wipe up all the spots and pick up any dirt and grime. Next, re-apply the cleaner, and wipe the glass surface down with vertical strokes. Finally, use horizontal swipes to leave the glass shiny and streak free.

Use your toothbrush or cotton swabs to clean out the corners and edges of the window or mirror frame, and get into the tracks and casement of the window for that extra attention-to-detail. Once you’ve done all the major cleaning, you can take a piece of dry newspaper or an old t-shirt to buff and polish the glass surface.

Give your glass surfaces a final once over check by viewing the mirror or window at different angles and positions. This will help you notice any scuffs, spots, and stains that you might not have noticed while staring straight at the glass. You can spot-clean these by giving it a quick wipe and buff with your newsprint.

Get Moving

Now that your home is clean from top to bottom, you’re really ready to move out and into your new home. If all that cleaning left you too tired to pack, don’t worry. Our comprehensive moving services have got you covered. Movone Move & Store serves the entire Jersey City area and offers packing, pick up, moving and storage options for our customers. We’ll move you into your new home safely and easily! Schedule your moving services today and ask about our eco-friendly packing solutions.