Your garage is likely one of the most difficult areas of your home to organize. When you first moved into your home, your garage was probably very clean and organized. However, after years and years of collecting yard tools and other stuff we probably don’t need, our garages start to look smaller and smaller. And you may not even be able to fit a car in it anymore, which is the ultimate purpose of garages. Whether your garage is cluttered or you’re looking to prevent the same mistakes when you move into a new home, we’re going to talk about several ways to prevent a cluttered garage, as well as how to declutter a garage that is already cluttered. Keep reading to learn more and contact MovOne Move and Store today if you need a reliable moving company in Jersey City.

Get rid of things

Your first order of business if your garage is cluttered should be to get rid of things. And if you’ve been living in your home for several years, chances are, you’ve gathered a lot of things that that no longer have any use to you. It’s instinct for us to put things we don’t use often in the garage because it’s out of the way and at first, it feels like we have a nearly endless amount of space to work with. Start by throwing out things that you know for sure you won’t need. Don’t just throw out big things though. You can regain a lot of your lost space just by getting rid of a few small things.


Once this is done, you can start focusing on things that you still use, but may not need. However, make sure you aren’t just throwing everything in the dump. If you think these things could be used by someone else, make sure to take them to a donation center or ask your neighbor if they could use them. It’s especially important to start getting rid of things if you’re moving to a new home so that you can avoid carrying a bunch of stuff that you won’t need to your new home. Also, it’s faster and more efficient to get rid of things as you’re moving out.

Rent a storage unit

If you’ve eliminated everything you possibly can from your garage, it may be time to rent a personal storage unit. Personal storage will offer you some extra space to move things to that you don’t use very often. You might try using a self-storage pricing tool that will allow you to find the most affordable storage units in your area.

If you’re in the process of moving, the great news is, you won’t have to pay for extra storage as you move. Many moving companies offer storage solutions with their moving services, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of space. In our last blog, we talked about the convenience of hiring a moving company that offers storage solutions, so you can read it here if you’re interested.