• Containerized shipping
  • Roll-on Roll-off (RO-RO) shipping

One may wish to ship vehicles in an exclusive container or a shared container. Shared containers are consolidated loads where we load more than one vehicle on container shipping to the same location. One has the option to either have us pick the vehicle up from a specific location or vehicles can be brought to our warehouse. Another option is to deliver the container to your residence and we can then load your vehicle directly on the container; with this option, one may take the route of booking an exclusive container and also load household goods along with the vehicle.

RO-RO shipping is an abbreviation for the term Roll-on Roll-off—when cargo is driven on and then off of the vessel. This is a wonderful mode of shipping for several different circumstances. The process is very similar to the container shipping described above with slight differences. The vehicle is dropped off at the port either by the client. It is then loaded onto a designated location on the shipping vessel and braced for secure transport. Once the ship has reached destination the rest of the process is identical.

RO-RO Shipping offers a great amount of flexibility when you are shipping items of a large size such as large vehicles, boats, machinery, etc. , overseas during your international relocation.

Through this shipment method, cars are protected from the elements in sealed car decks in which they are secured to the deck. RO-RO shipping can be used to transport tractors, cars, buses, truck or oversized cargo overseas by loading them onto lowboy, flatbed trailers.

  • Copy of Passport(s)
  • Original car title
  • Documentation stating the vehicle is Void of any Liens  
  • Customs documentation
  • Vehicle must have less than ¼ of a tank of gas
  • No items should be inside your vehicle other than what comes ordinarily with your vehicle.