Movone International provides a complete and flexible range of employee relocation and move management services.

Movone International. ensures that your employee’s transitions are seamless, regardless of where in the world they are relocating as well as a range of capabilities for office moves, ensuring we can effectively relocate your business anywhere internationally. You and your employee receive professional, courteous, and trouble-free service throughout the process. From start to finish, a highly-skilled Movone International Supervisor will carefully manage and coordinate the transportation of household goods and vehicles.

Planning is the key to successful move managements aiming for zero downtime and allowing your staff to remain productive and focus on your business throughout the move process.  

  • Analyze current relocation program
  • Transporting filing cabinets
  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Keep books and files in order and ready for reassembly
  • Special instructions for setting up the new office
  • Tagging and color-codding of each item, so they can be efficiently reassembled at the new location
  • Prioritizing items for the new office
  • Scheduling the move to happen at the most convenient time for your business