Movone International acknowledges situations can arise that are completely beyond our control. We strongly advise for your protection, you insure your shipment or valuable items such as: original artwork, statues, chandeliers, electronics, antiques, glass furniture etc……

All Risks Coverage

All Risks Insurance provides coverage for your shipment from origin to destination. In the case there are damages, theft or missing items, this policy will reimburse full replacement value of all items packed by movers.

If there is a documented loss, or if items are un-repairable, they will pay replacement value (not exceeding insured values). If there is documented damage to your insured auto, Insurers will pay for repairs or actual cash value (not to exceed insured value).

Total Loss Coverage

Total Loss Insurance is a “Limited Coverage”. Insurers will pay only when damage can be reasonably attributed to fire, lightning, cyclones, hurricanes or tornadoes, crash, collision or overturn of the transporting conveyance and stranding or sinking of the vessel to name a few (request the insurance terms for a complete list of insured perils).

This limited coverage can be purchased for door-to-door shipments, or door-to-port only shipments.  Further advice and guidance regarding cargo insurance, please contact your  Movone International assigned coordinator.